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Why the Courage, Clarity, & Confidence Community?

I know that a journey is always better together so that is why I created the Courage, Clarity, and Confidence Community—an exclusive space crafted for amazing women like you—to complement the exercises and activities in my book. Join our vibrant online community tailored for readers and fans of Courage, Clarity, and Confidence: Redefine Success and the Way You Work.

This community is more than just a discussion forum; it's a dynamic exchange of ideas, expert advice, practical strategies, and an opportunity for you to explore, get curious, and pinpoint the why, what, how, and when of what's next in your career. We'll hold each other up and accountable to courage, clarity, and confidence! 

In the community we'll delve into the very principles and strategies that make the pages of my book come alive. The community offers exclusive insights, downloadable worksheets of the exercises, and more  straight from the heart of the book. Together, we'll turn these concepts into actionable steps, moving with alignment in our life and career. 

The Results You'll Get...

As a member of our community you'll be able to connect with other professionals seeking career direction and those navigating career transitions, promotions, and pivots. You'll be guided by thoughtful journaling prompts, asynchronous coaching, exercises, Live Q&A sessions, workshops and more! 

You'll be able to download all of the exercises in the book as PDF worksheets you can print and use as a part of the free membership program. As a paid member, our community provides expert advice, transformational coaching, career development workshops, career resource worksheets, Live Q&As, and more. This isn't just a community; it's your tribe, a place where courage nudges, clarity guides, and confidence catapults you into action. 

Our community is the tribe you've been looking for, where the community delves into the concepts in the book in such a way that they become the career roadmap you can use to thrive. 

Here are a few of the things you’ll be able to do as a member of Courage, Clarity, & Confidence Community:

  • Apply teachings from the book to your own life by connecting what you read to reality in a practical way with exercises from the book as downloadable PDF files you can print and use.
  • Gain personal support and insights through interactive sessions such as Live Q&As, asynchronous coaching, career workshops, resources, and benefits from connected to an expert career and life coach.
  • Make meaningful connections with a tribe of other professionals navigating their careers, creating opportunities to learn from each other's experiences and perspectives.

When You Join Our Community...

When you join Courage, Clarity, & Confidence Community today, you’ll get access to our:

  • Downloadable Career Resource Worksheets: Use book exercises converted into PDF worksheets towards developing a more strategic approach to your career. These worksheets directly link theory with practice, enabling you to apply what you've read in a targeted and personalized way.
  • Journaling Prompts/Daily Thought-provoking Questions: Use journaling prompts and Question of The Day exercises inspired by the book's content and message. You'll be guided and encouraged to tap into your zone of genius and learn how to leverage your work experience, skills and knowledge, connections to step into your ideal career path. You'll also cultivate the courage, clarity, and confidence you need to become the strongest, boldest, and most courageous version of yourself.  
  • Interactive Live Q&As: Attend our virtual events, where you can engage in live Q&As with the author and other career experts. Utilize these sessions to ask questions, seek advice, and learn from the experiences of others. These chat-based events empower you to make informed career decisions while building connections within the community.
  • Career Workshops: As part of our community, dive into immersive, instruction-guided career workshops. These workshops help transform and streamline the process of navigating through career transitions, promotions, and pivots. You'll gain practical strategies that can be tailored to your unique career path.